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Real Estate Success Series: Losers and Losing

losing“Losers are people afraid of losing.”  – Robert Kiyosaki

Losing can teach you some of the greatest lessons you will ever learn in life. Losing can provide invaluable experience, refine one’s character, and set the stage to increase the chances of success in future endeavors. One could poetically write on the benefits of losing, yet many people will avoid losing as if it were a flesh-eating zombie because of one simple fact:

Losing is not fun. In fact, it stinks.

  It is not fun when your favorite team loses to its arch-rival. It is never fun when your older sibling beats you for the 95th time in a row in a competitive event. It definitely is not fun when you set out to accomplish something only to fall flat on your face. Losing can be a painful, emotional experience that brings out every deep dark fear of inadequacy that a person possesses. Because of this, many people simply avoid any situation where they might lose. These individuals forgo the possibility of winning in order to ensure not losing.

In order to avoid losing, some people will avoid competitive events where the only thing at stake is pride. The percentage of people who avoid the prospects of losing increases dramatically when monetary risk is put into the equation. Not only are all of the emotions created by losing present, but the thought of losing something tangible in order to potentially gain something makes these individuals very uncomfortable. This discomfort leads to no action being taken, as in their mind, inaction is the safest course of action.

What makes these situations sad and unfortunate is that most of these same individuals would joyfully embrace the benefits of successful action. They would love to profit off successful real estate deals. They would gladly choose to create enough positive cash flow to escape the Rat Race. They would cherish working for themselves by becoming successful entrepreneurs. However, to obtain these things they face the risk of losing money or their time. In the end, they choose security over potential prosperity as the thought of losing, or losing something, is simply too much to bear.

Remember this simple fact: Nobody has ever escaped the Rat Race by inaction. Action brings with it a certain amount of risk but the rewards so tremendously outweigh the risk that it is worth the occasional setback. Losing will never make you a loser, but not attempting to win surely will.





One response to “Real Estate Success Series: Losers and Losing

  1. Austin December 26, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Nice blog and nice quotation.

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