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Real Estate Success: Overcoming Fear

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Finding Real Estate Success: Overcoming Fear

This Rich Dad Education investing series is examining the factors involved in determining student success in the area of real estate investing. Some students immediately find success and achieve everything they set out to accomplish. Other students never even make an offer on a property. Trying to identify all of the variables that can account for such a wide discrepancy in success is no easy task. However, when focusing on students that never even attempt to make an offer on a property, a common trait is evident, these students become overcome with fear.

Lack of Confidence

For students who never make an offer on a property, fear manifests itself in two ways. First, fear often rears its ugly head through a student’s general lack of confidence. They might have had confidence at the Rich Dad Education elite training but once they get home they start to doubt their own ability.  Here are a few of the ugly thoughts that creep into their head:

  • They start to wonder why anyone would accept their offer.
  • They become paralyzed at the thought of dealing with other people in a real estate setting.
  • They doubt their own grasp of the training they received. They then lie to themselves and state that they will do it next week or next month once they comprehend the material more fully. As Robert Kiyosaki has stated, “The most life-destroying word of all is the word tomorrow.”
  • They simply don’t believe they can succeed.
  • Eventually, they turn their fear into anger and start to doubt the veracity of the training they received.

This inner fear is crippling and prevents many students from even attempting to make their first offer on a property. If you ever start to have similar thoughts creep into your head as you are preparing to make an offer, simply remember that countless successful real estate investors have started where you are now. Every person had to muster the confidence, overcome their own demons, and make that first offer. Momentum is a funny thing and once that first offer is made, regardless of whether you are successful or not, you will find that the second offer is that much easier. In a matter of time, making offers simply becomes part of your daily routine.

Fear of Making a Mistake

The second type of fear that manifests itself in students making their first offer is the fear of making a mistake. More specifically, these individuals are fearful of making a bad deal and losing money. This is natural and there is nothing wrong with being cautious. However, at the end of the day you have to trust the training you have received. As long as you do your due diligence on the property and follow the basics of real estate investing, you will make a solid offer that puts you in a position to succeed.

Rich Dad Education students who obtain success in real estate investing find a way to overcome their initial fears. Sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end of the pool. You will find that the training you received has taught you how to swim quite nicely.           


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