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At Rich Dad Education we know that there are several keys to your success.  The first key to your success is your own commitment. You have to be willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary to begin your real estate investing career. Once you have made that commitment, then you need training. We offer a variety of courses that will train you in each area of real estate. However, as you begin to implement your training, you may have specific questions about what you are doing.

Because we know that you are going to have questions, we have put together a real estate discussion board that allows you to ask your questions. You can get answers to your specific questions and read and comment on other questions that you see posted. What you will find is that most new investors have similar questions and obstacles that they need to overcome. Successful investors learn how to overcome these obstacles and implement what they have learned. This website is to help you overcome your personal obstacles and implement what you have learned. We want you to be successful.

Another key to your success is to make sure that you have a great power team in place so that you have the people in place to help you with any opportunities that you find. One advantage that the real estate discussion board offers is that you are able to network with other investors in your area. Many students use this forum to build their local power team. You should always ask other investors for introductions to great power team members.

This website also gives you the ability to network with other investors in your area as well as to advertise your deals to other investors. Often you will find a deal that you don’t want to rehab yourself. When that happens, you need to find another investor to step in and purchase your contract as quickly as possible. This is a great way to get the word out to other investors to see if they are interested in purchasing your wholesale deal.

The real estate discussion board is a free service that we provide. We highly recommend that you visit it today and begin asking your specific questions. We look forward to helping you begin a successful real estate investing career.

To start making connections in the Rich Dad Education Forum, visit our website.


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