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Finding Real Estate Success

Real Estate Success

Finding Real Estate Success

Rich Dad Education has long strived to produce quality educational products in the area of real estate investing. Tens of thousands of students have invested their time and money to attend Rich Dad Education elite trainings and/or participate in the Rich Dad Education mentoring program. Some of these students have achieved tremendous success, while others never seem to launch their real estate investing career. Such a disparity between the levels of success in Rich Dad Education students raises the question of what variables factor into a student’s eventual success.

No matter how hard you search, you will never find a single variable, the magic elixir if you will, that determines why some students succeed at real estate investing and why some students fail. While there might not be one variable that can determine causation, experience has taught us at Rich Dad Education that there are several factors that can help increase a student’s chances of finding success.   This Rich Dad Education series will examine some of these factors.

Immediate Effort

This may sound simplistic, but perhaps the single most important variable in determining eventual success is the amount of effort a student is willing to put into their real estate investing career.  More specifically, the amount of immediate effort that a student puts in following their training can pay huge dividends.  While some students dedicate a tremendous amount of energy following their Rich Dad Education experience, unfortunately others simply do not.

For example, let’s assume two students have the same level of enthusiasm following a Rich Dad Education elite training, comprehended the training material equally, and are working in similar real estate markets. What can separate these two students after the training is the amount of effort each applies in the following days and weeks. Sometimes it is not even a matter of laziness or entitlement that separates levels of success, but simply a matter of continuing the momentum and knowledge that is gained through the Rich Dad Education elite training. Those that immediately put into practice what they have been taught have a tremendous advantage over those that tell themselves that they will start tomorrow.


There are two factors at work here. First, because students are taught a tremendous amount of material during Rich Dad Education elite trainings, those that immediately put into practice what they are taught usually have no problem retaining the educational material. Their education quickly transforms into practical knowledge. Students who study their material each day after training only further increase their chances of success.

Students who attend a Rich Dad Education elite training but procrastinate launching their real estate investing career risk losing valuable insight they gained. Months later they might find that itch to apply what they learned, but become frustrated when they cannot recall everything perfectly or — even worse — remember key points incorrectly. Even reviewing the material for a few minutes a day would have paid huge dividends when they finally found the motivation to start.


Another factor in play is the habits that are formed and transformed following a Rich Dad Education elite training. Before attending a real estate investing training, few students had incorporated real estate investing into their daily routine. Students that immediately incorporate their new career into their daily doings begin to form habits that can help lead to success. Students who wait until the proverbial tomorrow to start applying what they just learned have an extremely hard time adjusting their routine. They never quite find enough time to launch their real estate investing career.

Students have a tremendous amount of momentum and excitement following a Rich Dad Education elite training. It is important to capitalize on this emotion and allow it to help create structure in your daily routine that will increase your chances of success. In the Rich Dad world, we never wait for tomorrow, we seize opportunity today. Students who follow this mantra and put in the effort immediately following their educational experience will have a better chance of success than those that do not.


5 responses to “Finding Real Estate Success

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  2. omondi October 16, 2013 at 9:18 am

    great! and very true.thanks.

  3. Stephen October 17, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Great! i ll apply daily what im being taught.thanks robert kiyosaki

  4. jagadeesha October 21, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    100% true. No doubts. I found my weakness. Thanks richdad.

    Please provide in india you have any branches.

  5. December 7, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    That is very fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger.
    I’ve joined your feed and sit up for in search of extra of your great post.

    Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

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