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Politics and the Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investor Politics

The Impact of Politics on Real Estate Investing

The politicians in Washington are arguing about the national budget again.  It is basically the same thing we saw at the end of last year, but this time there is added drama with all sorts of new twists that we are now seeing and are going to see in the coming days.

I think all of this drama may help me buy some better real estate deals in the near future.  You see, quite a few real estate sellers seem to panic when they perceive the economy is unstable. They talk like “the government is going to run out of money” or “the government could default on its debt payment obligations.” This has an effect on those sellers and that can have an effect on the local real estate market.  Now, I’m not saying that this country is or isn’t in for some rough times in the next month or two.  However, sellers in general seem to over-panic at times like this.  This means that if you hunt hard, you can probably find a few sellers who think the sky is falling and willing to sell at a big discount for a quick sale.

So what do I think the politicians should do about the national budget?  As a CITIZEN, I have a strong opinion, but this is not the forum for those viewpoints.  As an INVESTOR, I really don’t care what the Republicans do, what the Democrats do, or what the President does. My success does not depend on any of them. My success depends on me and only me.  Because of that, I need to do four things:

  1. Be well educated on many different investment strategies
  2. Be an expert on my local real estate market
  3. Watch for changes in that market
  4. Take ACTION

Eric Buchanan
Rich Dad Education Elite Trainer and Mentor


2 responses to “Politics and the Real Estate Investor

  1. Empowerment UNABRIDGED September 25, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Where do I get the information about my local real estate market?

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