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Rich Dad Education Scam #6: You Can Become a Successful Investor by Pursuing a “Do-It-Yourself” Path

Rich Dad Education Scam Do-it-Yourself Investing

Rich Dad Education Scam #6:

You Can Become a Successful Investor by Pursuing a “Do-It-Yourself” Path

In the 80s and 90s, many of the VCRs manufactured had a clock feature that could be set by the owner. However, it was extremely common to walk into someone’s home and find the default time at “12:00” blinking over and over again. The clock could be set by using a combination of buttons provided on the VCR in a specific sequence, and there were instructions in the VCR manual that described the process. Most VCR users found the process complicated and hence the time remained blinking 12:00 in millions of homes.

A tech savvy generation may scoff and poke fun at a previous generation’s attempt to program a VCR, but one must remember the context in which that generation found themselves in. Even simple technology was new to most people and very few people had any experience performing even simple technological tasks. Even with user manuals to help guide them, these individuals found themselves in situations where they had to do-it-themselves if they wanted those blasted numbers to stop blinking.

This generation of VCR users illustrates an important point: learning how to do something for yourself, especially when you have no training or prior experience, can be a very frustrating process. Mistakes are bound to be made, frustration will ensue, and the end result often is that the person gives up on the endeavor.  This is unfortunate as even with a touch of guidance and proper training, the chances of success dramatically increase. It is likely that those who had neighbors who took the time to show them how to program their VCR greatly increased their chances of avoiding the blinking lights.

Do-it-Yourself Investing

One should never underestimate the human will to accomplish goals. Undoubtedly, the rare individual who seeks to learn how to become a successful investor may accomplish this goal on their own.  However, on their eventual path to success many of the pitfalls and roadblocks that they encountered might have been avoided if someone that had traveled the same path passed along their experience and knowledge. The time it took them to reach their level of success might have been dramatically cut with such guidance.

In today’s day and age, individuals who choose to go the do-it-yourself route usually attempt to seek out some level of basic guidance to help them achieve success in their chosen field. This guidance often comes in the form of a book or two, or searching the internet for expertise in the area of their choosing. They may even belittle the idea of formal training due to pride or the stubborn desire to succeed on their own. After gathering knowledge through the written word they roll up their sleeves and go to work as they attempt to put into practice what they have learned.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to gain knowledge through the written word.  Robert Kiyosaki has long been an advocate for individuals to expand their financial knowledge and likely will be writing books until his dying day. Both Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are constantly reading and writing new material as they continue their own education. They read, study, learn and pass along their expanding knowledge to countless followers each year. 

While the written word can be extremely valuable, those that only rely on this singular source for information and guidance are creating self-imposed limitations on their growth. Robert Kiyosaki formed Rich Dad Education because he knows most people need help in putting the lessons they may read in a book into a concrete action plan. Robert himself had help in building his success. Besides his famous “rich dad” and his wife, Kim, Robert has used and continues to seek the advice and training of experts across all fields of investment. If a man like Robert feels he needs to continue to expand his education and training, shouldn’t you?

The Value of Formal Training

Robert formed Rich Dad Education because he knows the importance of helping people create a concrete action plan that will allow them to put their knowledge to work for them. The value of formal training cannot be understated as it can give students a tremendous advantage over those who simply rely on the written word as their guide. The advantages of this training come in many forms:

  1. Turn of the century educationist Edgar Dale developed the Cone of Learning which states that after two weeks we only remember 10 percent of what we read but 90 percent of what we do. Rich Dad Education has long recognized the importance of preparing students to immediately put into practice the knowledge that students gain from Rich Dad Education trainings. Students are not only supplied with the proper knowledge, but also given a practical plan that puts them in a position to succeed upon completion of the training.
  2. Rich Dad Education’s elite trainings and educational offerings are structured in a manner that allow students to learn what they need to know through a step-by-step educational process. Rich Dad Education’s learning techniques allow students to quickly grasp important concepts and then build on each of these concepts in a dynamic learning atmosphere. Students always know what they need to do next.
  3. Rich Dad Education trainings are interactive. While written material is supplied, an enhanced learning atmosphere is created through interactive exercises and real life examples to help illustrate key learning points.
  4. Rich Dad Education instructors pass along insight from their real-world experiences. These world-class instructors have been down the road students are attempting to travel and can help their students avoid many of the pitfalls that they are likely to encounter.

On one hand, we can admire the tenacity of an individual with the do-it-yourself mentality. On the other hand, one should recognize the incredible advantages that a formal training can provide. Not only can the path to success be made clear, but proper training can help increase the chances that an individual stays on that route.


4 responses to “Rich Dad Education Scam #6: You Can Become a Successful Investor by Pursuing a “Do-It-Yourself” Path

  1. Casmir August 27, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Thank you Richdad 4 doing great work I love it every beat of the way, keep it Up!

  2. joannaglade August 27, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    I am one of those people who couldn’t stand the blinking “12:00” and would make sure I learned how to set the time on each VCR we had. It really didn’t take a college graduate to figure it out, but you would think that it did hearing some people talk about it.

    Leave your investing at “12:00” and you could lose everything and them some. It pays to have advisers to assist you and help you to not make the mistakes that they made.

    I am just starting Robert’s Stock classes. I get to practice with paper trades (no money) before I even get around to using real money. I even have a trading lab and a mentor.

    It’s a formula for success.

  3. S. Sridharan August 28, 2013 at 7:05 am


    Seen your article and it is very nice. Hats off to you and your Team.

    Please note that I am a strong follower of Robert and Kim. I wish to state that I am concentrating on
    Home study course, Financial Blogs and I am not having any fear and play with my little amount with confidence in paper assets.Though, I am making small mistakes, I am not worried, because.
    I am putting a little amount down and I am also creating a small plan. You will be surprised to see
    that I am 60 years young and I am having a peaceful and happy retired life without any tension.
    We are bound to make mistakes on the way, but we should learn from them and we should not
    repeat the same mistakes again. This is the key ingredient for SUCCESS! I am already achieved
    Financial Security and I believe that I will achieve “Financial Freedom” within five years.

  4. Syahrul September 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Excellent article.

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