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Rich Dad Education Scam #3: Financial Gurus Can Show You How to Get Rich Quick

Rich Dad Education Scam Financial Gurus

Rich Dad Education Scam #3:

Financial Gurus Can Show You How to Get Rich Quick

“If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.”

This popular expression is often used by individuals to express the belief that a person might be gullible.  While this saying has now been incorporated into popular culture, the origins of the saying are rooted in the actions of one of the most infamous scam artists in American history, George C. Parker.

George C. Parker made his living scamming unsuspecting tourists in New York City. His favorite scam was selling the Brooklyn Bridge to tourists telling them they could make a fortune by controlling access to the roadway. He remarkably perpetuated this scam, if the legend is correct, twice a week over a period of years. The Brooklyn Bridge was not his only scam, as he also successfully sold Madison Square Garden, Grant’s Tomb, and even the Statue of Liberty.

Unfortunately, Parker has been far from an isolated case of an individual preying on the human desire to get rich quickly. During the same time period Parker lived, Victor Lustig successfully sold the Eiffel Tower… twice. In the early 19th century, with the promise of riches and abundant natural resources, Gregor MacGregor collected money from investors and hundreds of colonists for a stake in the South American country of Poyais. Unfortunately for these individuals, the country of Poyais did not exist. If you examine any period in human history, you are likely to find someone running a scam exploiting the human desire to get rich quickly.

Get Rich Quick

You do not need to conduct a Gallup poll to determine that individuals who want to be rich would rather get rich today rather than some point down the road. While not on the level of the historic scams perpetuated by Parker, Lustig, and MacGregor, many financial gurus today prey on human emotion by their own promises of being able to make you rich in a short amount of time.  These gurus often use words and phrases such as:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • No-brainer
  • Quickly
  • Now
  • Immediate success

The use of these words, coupled with imagery of a luxurious lifestyle, convey that all of a person’s hopes and dreams can come true in an extremely short amount of time. Naturally, according to these gurus, the process will also be easy to do and success is nearly guaranteed. Scam may be too harsh of a word, but these financial gurus definitely have some version of a bridge that they are trying to sell you.

The Problem with Trying to Become Rich Quickly

If someone ever tries and tell you that they have a way for you to become rich quickly, then just picture yourself in front of a man in the 1920s trying to sell you the Eiffel Tower or the Brooklyn Bridge. The process of becoming wealthy simply does not occur very often through such instantaneous means. These fast, easy, and no-brainer methods of obtaining wealth simply do not reflect reality. If they did, then everyone reading this would be doing so on their yacht or in the den of their mansion.

Unfortunately, time and time again people fall prey to the “get rich quick” scam. They fall prey to this scam, because this message is far more tantalizing than a message telling them the actual steps needed to obtain financial freedom. Rich Dad Education stresses the actual steps a person needs to perform in order to obtain financial freedom. If an individual acquires the proper knowledge, education, and is willing to act on that knowledge, then financial freedom is possible. This message that Rich Dad Education promotes is not nearly as glamorous as the one promoted by financial gurus promoting get rich fast methods, but it speaks to the actual path a person needs to take if they desire to acquire financial freedom.

Knowledge, Action, and Financial Freedom Versus Quick, Easy, and Rich

Knowledge is power and there is nothing wrong with seeking sources that can help supply you with the intelligence needed to reach your financial goals. When considering your educational source, take the time to examine the message they are conveying. When Rich Dad Education tells you that you need to acquire the proper knowledge and a financial guru tells you they have a quick way to riches, what does this tell you? When Rich Dad Education tells you that you need to be prepared to take action and put the necessary work in, and another tells you they have an easy path, what do these two messages convey? When Rich Dad Education tells you that you can obtain financial freedom and a financial guru tells you that they will make you rich, which one is laying forth a path and which one is trying to play on your senses? Use logic and analyze which message strikes you as true and which one might be the latest scam.

Is the Person a Financial Guru or a Financial Educator?

It is easy to tag a successful person who talks about money as a financial guru. It is a phrase that is often thrown around as a derogatory term to describe just about anyone who talks about obtaining wealth or making money. When analyzing your source of knowledge, remember the Chinese proverb:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

While sometimes applied to him, Robert Kiyosaki has never liked the term “financial guru.” He has made it his mission is to raise the financial intelligence of others – so that people can take control of their own financial future and make their own financial decisions.  Robert Kiyosaki’s book Increase Your Financial IQ is a classic example of this.  In Increase Your Financial IQ, Robert centers his message not on how to get rich, but how one should increase their financial knowledge. Similar to teaching a man to fish, once a person acquires the proper financial IQ then they will know how to “fish” from there.

Undoubtedly, you want to achieve financial freedom for you and your family. In your pursuit of that freedom, be careful and wise in the choices you make. Take the time to increase your Financial IQ, obtain the proper education, and be willing to put in the work to accomplish your goals. If you try and find the quick and easy path to wealth, then surely you will find someone willing to sell you their version of the Brooklyn Bridge.


2 responses to “Rich Dad Education Scam #3: Financial Gurus Can Show You How to Get Rich Quick

  1. S. Sridharan August 24, 2013 at 10:02 am

    Seen your article and it is 100% correct. In India also (daily when I open my TV), I see lot of
    people (due to their greediness) are losing their hard earned money to these Financial Gurus.
    (Guru means, a respected person who removes one’s darkness in life and give spirituality to
    attain peace and happiness. The respected word Guru is misinterpreted and linked with
    Finance as “Financial Guru”, which is not actually correct.

    At least, from now on, let people open their eyes and see the “reality’ in life and do not be
    carried away by these Financial Gurus.


    S. Sridharan
    Chennai, INDIA.

    • harish November 6, 2013 at 12:59 am

      this is a very good article but pl do not use the word guru , because whenever the word guru will be used, people will create negative feeling amongst themselves

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