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The Quest for Financial Freedom – Application

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Financial Freedom: Application

It is not uncommon for a person to have a moment of pause when they finally have to apply what they have been taught.  Even a person with a strong desire to achieve financial freedom, who took those initial first steps fearlessly, can become a little nervous when it finally comes time to become a practitioner of what they have been studying. An individual might have mastered the curriculum of a specific subject, yet still have doubts in their ability to apply what they have learned.  These nerves, fears, and doubts are all understandable, yet at some point if you are to obtain financial freedom, you are going to have to put them aside. A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but it is not completed without many more. The application of what you have been taught is how you complete this journey.

In the early stages of application, you likely will be a little rough around the edges as you gain valuable experience. Your first trade will not go as smoothly as your 100th trade. In your first home inspection, you might underestimate the amount for repairs. In making your first lease-option pitch, you might stumble through your presentation. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that perfection awaits you on your first attempt in your chosen area of investing. Yet, as you start to apply what you have learned, your confidence will begin to rise as your mistakes start to diminish.

While the mistakes made through the natural learning curve diminish, there still will be obstacles, setbacks, and pitfalls. For Robert Kiyosaki, how you handle these disappointments that occur will go a long way to measure “the size of your success.”  Unfortunately, there simply is no way around these disappointments. Ultimately, how these situations are handled is what separates those that achieve financial freedom and those that do not.  Those that persevere, and continually apply what they have been taught, come that much closer to achieving financial freedom.

Not every trade you make as a stock trader will be a winner. You will not have 100% of your offers accepted on houses, nor will 100% of your negotiations be successful.  During times where little seems to be going right, you may be tempted to quit. For some, the temptation will become reality as they stop their journey. They believe they are ill equipped to handle the emotions that accompany the disappointments that arise during their quest for financial freedom. Financial freedom requires not only desire, dreams, hard work, and sacrifice but also demonstrating perseverance as well.  For Rich Dad Education students that are able to demonstrate all of these qualities, the escape of the Rat Race is at hand and financial freedom will be within their grasp.

For those within Rich Dad Education and Rich Dad Education students, financial freedom is not an abstract concept.  Financial freedom is the objective that each person seeks to obtain. It is the moment where we have truly gained control of our own lives. To reach that moment takes strong desire, perseverance, sacrifice, hard work, study, and constantly taking step after step. There is a price to pay for this freedom but the rewards make the price look small by comparison.


One response to “The Quest for Financial Freedom – Application

  1. S. Sridharan July 10, 2013 at 7:38 am

    Seen your article and it is very nice.

    The ultimate goal of every individual is to have FINANCIAL FREEDOM” in life. If a man has this,
    every other things in life will follow.

    Good work ! Keep it up !!

    Thanks & Regards.

    S. Sridharan
    Chennai, INDIA.

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