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The Quest for Financial Freedom – Study Habits

Rich Dad Education Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Study Habits

Rich Dad Education students who have a strong desire to achieve financial freedom usually have little problem finding the motivation to taking the first step towards obtaining that freedom.  This first step typically comes in the form of attending Rich Dad Education elite trainings, taking advantage of Rich Dad Education mentoring services, or utilizing other Rich Dad Education educational offerings. These educational programs are focused in entrepreneurial areas such as real estate investing and stock market trading, and are designed to teach students practical and relevant strategies that can lead to financial freedom.

Once a student selects an area that they feel passionate about, an area that they believe can help them obtain financial freedom, then the educational process begins. Rich Dad Education students have widely varying formal education backgrounds. Some have advanced degrees while others do not have high school diplomas. All are on equal footing as they learn from a curriculum that has been ignored by the formal education system, yet used by many to achieve financial freedom.

Regardless of one’s educational background, for most Rich Dad Education students it has been years, if not decades, since the last time they sat in a classroom. Naturally, this might make one’s study habits a little rusty. It is important to shake off the rust as, no matter what educational path you take, you have terminology to learn, concepts to grasp, and strategies to master. Here are a few tips to maximize your learning experience during and after your Rich Dad Education educational offering.

During a Training or Mentoring Session:

  1. Take notes – As we age, our memory is simply not as crisp as it once was. A fact that seems straightforward at the time of hearing it, might be increasingly hazy in the later days and weeks.
  2. Ask questions – If a concept or strategy is not clear at the time of delivery, you are going to have an even harder time at a later date trying to figure it out. Many real estate and stock market strategies require learning numerous new terms and concepts. There is absolutely no shame in asking questions for clarity and understanding. If the trainer or mentor asks you if you understand, do not nod your head unless you truly do.
  3. Maximize Your Time – Many Rich Dad Education offerings occur over multiple days. Some events occur over a period of weeks. Whatever the time interval, it is important to maximize your studying time in the time intervals between sessions. If you are attending a multi-day elite training, then use the time at night to ensure that you understand the material covered. If new terminology was introduced, then make sure you understand the meaning of each term. It is very easy to get lost in conversation if you don’t understand the language being spoken!

After a Training or Mentoring Session:

Block out daily study time – At a Rich Dad Education elite training or mentoring session, you will be provided with a tremendous amount of material. It is very important for you to make sure you retain this material in the coming days, weeks, and months. To ensure this occurs, it is important that you set aside time each day to review and study the material just taught to you. Determine within your own schedule what times work best for you. Not only will this time help you retain this valuable information but will also keep you energized and motivated towards reaching your end goal of achieving financial freedom

Achieving financial freedom takes hard work and sacrifice and even a little good old-fashioned studying.  As you become more familiar and comfortable with the strategies and concepts that you are taught, then you will gain increasing confidence in the application of what you have learned. After all, achieving financial freedom is not achieved through academic exercises. It can only be achieved through the application of what you have learned and overcoming obstacles that occur during this application. This is the subject of the next article in this Rich Dad Education series.


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  1. Robin Caesar Giles July 8, 2013 at 1:25 pm

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    • Rich Dad Education July 16, 2013 at 9:36 am

      Hi Samuel, Only you can unsubscribe yourself from your subscriptions. WordPress makes it easy and provides an unsubscribe link. Check the email that you are receiving for more information. Thank you.

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