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The Quest for Financial Freedom – Motivation

Rich Dad Education Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Motivation

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki

If a mythical Genie appeared on each person’s doorstep, and offered them the opportunity to be financially free for the remainder of their life, how many would turn down such an offer?  If such an offer was presented, one’s mind would likely start racing, imagining their exciting future. Such an offer would allow the person to dream of a life where they spent their time as they saw fit, with the people they loved, minus the stress that often accompanies the daily grind of life. The unlimited potential of such an offer would likely be universally accepted by all who it was offered to.

Certainly individuals know that the mythical Genie will never appear on their doorstep with such an offer. Only an innocent child might believe otherwise. However, with the same level of certainty, students of Rich Dad Education and the Rich Dad philosophy know that this financial freedom is obtainable, along with all of the benefits that accompany it. The Genie may be mythical, but financial freedom is something people achieve every day.

If financial freedom is a gift that people are able to give themselves, then why doesn’t everyone do it? Is it simply because they are not financially literate or have the proper financial education? While financial freedom is an accepted fact within the Rich Dad Education universe, do others doubt its achievability? Does your average person even know where to start in a quest to achieve financial freedom?

Let’s assume for a moment that none of these questions are an issue. Assume for a moment that all people were bestowed with the gift of financial literacy. Also assume that all people were given the practical how-to guidance that Rich Dad Education elite trainings and mentoring services provide.  If you grant these assumptions, how many would be able to achieve financial freedom?  Some would, but far too many would not be able to gain this freedom despite the detailed knowledge of how to do so. There would be certain variables that would separate those that achieved financial freedom from those that did not.

Robert Kiyosaki gives us some insight into why this is the case through the quote at the start of the article. If success is defined in this instance as the obtaining of financial freedom, then there are three variables that influence whether this success occurs:

  1. The strength of your desire
  2. The size of your dream
  3. How you handle disappointment along the way

All of humanity can be given the blueprint to obtain financial freedom but this blueprint is not the same as a Genie granting a wish. Everyone would accept the wish. Not everyone is willing to put in the work, make the sacrifices, and endure through the pitfalls and obstacles that occur on the path to financial freedom.  Those that succeed in this journey truly desire financial freedom. They have dreams and ambitions that fuel this desire each and every day. Their vision and passion help them persevere through turbulent times and the hard work is a small price to pay for the wonderful gift that will be given to them at the end of their quest.

One doesn’t need a Genie to be given the gift of financial freedom, as it is a gift one can bestow upon themselves. However, one cannot simply wish it so and it rarely happens by accident. It must be sought out. Similar to other journeys, this quest begins with a first step, which oftentimes is the most difficult part. In the next part in this Rich Dad Education series on financial freedom, tips to getting started on your journey will be discussed.


One response to “The Quest for Financial Freedom – Motivation

  1. S. Sridharan July 3, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Seen your article and it is very nice.

    Well done ! Keep it up !!


    S. Sridharan
    Chennai, INDIA.

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