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Rich Dad Education Investing Series – Lease Option Marketing

Lease Options Marketing

Lease Options Marketing

This is the third article in a continuing Rich Dad Education investing series covering the subject of lease options. Lease options is one of the most popular elite trainings offered by Rich Dad Education as it is a strategy that can be used in various market conditions regardless of the current amount of capital students are starting off with. Lease options can be a Rich Dad Education student’s go-to strategy or used as one of many successful strategies depending on market conditions and the specific opportunities that are presented to Rich Dad Education students.

Up to this point in this Rich Dad Education series, the following items have been discussed:

  1. Why lease options provide an exciting alternative for Rich Dad Education students to traditional investing approaches.
  2. How motivated sellers are an important part of the lease options process as various circumstances of life can create opportunities for Rich Dad Education students to provide win-win situations for both parties.
  3. Defining and explaining the lease and option portions of the lease option process.

As the last article in this Rich Dad Education series discussed, the lease option strategy allows real estate investors the right to buy a property without having the obligation to do so. This strategy can be a highly profitable strategy for the real estate investor while also providing real solutions to the problems of a motivated seller. The popularity of this strategy among Rich Dad Education students is enhanced by the fact that you can provide these solutions to motivated sellers with using little or none of your investing capital to do so.

One obstacle that many new real estate investors run across is locating motivated sellers. The concept of motivated sellers excites new real estate investors, but once the process of locating them starts it can create a level of frustration in new real estate investors that can lead to inaction. While you can (and should) make inquiries on homes for sale in your target neighborhoods to determine if the sellers are properly motivated or not, there are many marketing techniques that you can utilize to grow your burgeoning real estate business and get those motivated sellers to contact you.

Creating a solid marketing plan will not only help find motivated sellers, but also help in nearly every aspect of your real estate business. Regardless of whether or not you choose to use lease options as one of your core real estate strategies, creating a marketing plan should be one of the first things you do as a new real estate investor. The ramifications will be long reaching and can yield tremendous results.

Real Estate Marketing Techniques

Most new real estate investors have little experience in marketing a product. Because of this fact, many simply never attempt to market their real estate business and many others that attempt to do so don’t do it effectively. Here are a few simple techniques that can be utilized to help attract motivated sellers, and many others, to your real estate business.

Car Magnets – While some might squirm at the thought of making their car a rolling billboard, this can be a cost-effective means of attracting people to your business. Car magnets can add a level of credibility when you meet with prospective sellers and buyers in your target neighborhoods. The key with car magnets is simplicity as you don’t want it to be difficult to read. An effective car magnet might read, “We buy houses, cash or terms” followed by a telephone number that is easy to read.

Newspaper Ads – A traditional means of marketing, many savvy investors target ads in publications that cater to community papers and shopper publications that target specific areas the real estate investor is interested in. When using newspaper ads with lease options in mind, you want to use simple phrases that can help reach motivated sellers. For example:

  • I’ll buy or lease your house or tell you why no one else will. Call…
  • Do you own an unwanted home? Free Consultation. Call…
  • Immediate Debt Relief! I will buy your home. Call…
  • Behind on Payments? Need Immediate Help? Call today for a free consultation.
  • Free consultation on how to sell your home in three days or less. Call…

Website – A simple yet professional website can add a tremendous amount of credibility to your business. You can use your website address on business cards you hand out, in newspaper ads, or reference it when making calls to prospective sellers. Simply having a website can often resonate that you are a professional to those buyers and sellers you are dealing with. Be sure to include various ways people can get in touch with you, including phone numbers and an email address.

Social Media and Networking – An upcoming Rich Dad Education series will cover these topics in depth but it goes without saying that in today’s information age you should take every opportunity possible to promote your business.

Signs – Real estate investor signs are becoming increasingly common. What often differentiates the use of signs is how professional they look. Many signs and bullet board material often appear shabby and unprofessional. When creating a sign, ask yourself a simple question, “Would I want to do business with this person?” An “I Buy Houses” or “Stop Foreclosures Now” sign can attract motivated sellers. If the sign is professionally done it will have a larger impact.

These are just a few of many techniques you can use to attract motivated sellers to you. While there are many expensive methods of marketing your business, these are just a few cheaper alternatives that can get the ball rolling. All it takes is attracting one motivated seller to complete a deal to make all the effort worth it.


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