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Creating Win-Win Situations

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In game and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation where a participant’s gain is balanced by the losses of another participant.  In common terms, this simply means that for every winner, there is a loser. The concept that there must be a loser for every winner is reinforced often through politics, sporting events, and even promotions that are handed out in the workplace. If someone is gaining, it must be at the expense of someone losing.

The zero-sum game, or “there must be a loser for every winner” thinking permeates many people’s thoughts on business as well. This is unfortunate as there are countless opportunities created in modern business that produce true win-win situations for all parties involved. In game theory, a nonzero-sum game―or a win-win game―is a situation by which cooperation or group participation leads to all participants benefiting. Examples abound of win-win situations in the areas of real estate and stock trading. Real estate networks and clubs often share information and pass on deals to one another. Wholesaling is a classic situation where two parties can benefit on the same deal. A stock market trader who networks with other traders passes on trade setups to their counterparts and both can profit on the same trade. The sharing of information, building a network, and working with others creates an environment where everyone in the network can benefit and profit by the contributions of others.

The classic expression “No man is an island unto himself” by John Donne has not only philosophical meaning to all of us, but true practical application in one’s daily business affairs as well. Yes, one can stubbornly move forward relying on their intellect, will, and talents and still succeed; however, by realizing that life and business are not a zero-sum game they can expand their network of opportunities and become involved in situations that are truly win-win for all parties involved.

Creating a Win-Win Opportunity – Rich Dad Education Affiliate Marketing Program

Creating a win-win opportunity requires that the objectives of two or more parties are be identified and a situation be created that allows both parties to achieve their objectives. For the stock trader, they share their information on a trade setup based on the hope that their counterpart will reciprocate with their own information on later trades that they identify. In this scenario, both parties have an objective of making money and the sharing of information creates a situation where both parties can achieve their objective.

Rich Dad Education believes it has identified a win-win situation through its new Rich Dad Education Affiliate Marketing program.

Rich Dad Education – The mission of Rich Dad Education is to elevate the financial well-being of humanity. This mission drives the employees of Rich Dad Education as they strive to pass on their financial knowledge through their educational offerings. In attempting to maximize their influence in an expanding global marketplace, Rich Dad Education is continually looking at new opportunities to share their wealth of knowledge with new students and give them the opportunity to gain financial freedom.

Rich Dad Students and Other Entrepreneurs – The ultimate objective of Rich Dad students and other entrepreneurs is to escape the Rat Race, which requires developing one or more income streams. Since time is a limitation that all students and entrepreneurs share, they are constantly looking for opportunities that can provide the maximum return for the amount of time invested. There are also some students that share in the mission of Rich Dad Education who find genuine satisfaction in helping others achieve their financial goals. This program also meets these altruistic objectives while providing monetary benefits as well.

Rich Dad Education believes it has created a program that can achieve both party’s objectives through its new Affiliate Marketing Program. Rich Dad Education benefits by increased exposure to its educational offerings and thus increases its ability to meet its mission of elevating the financial IQ of humanity. Rich Dad students benefit by creating an income stream necessary for escaping the dreaded Rat Race. This creates a true win-win situation.

How the Rich Dad Affiliate Program Works

Many students and entrepreneurs have websites, blogs, or databases that they have developed during the course of their normal entrepreneurial activities. Rich Dad Education will help monetize your website, blog, or database by providing you banner ads, marketing copy, and other tools you need to successfully reach your audience. You can choose to promote any of the offerings and products offered by Rich Dad Education that you deem most appropriate for your target audience.

Rich Dad Education will work with you during this process to help you determine what the right strategy and approach is for your specific situation. Your involvement in the process will require minimal work on your end as you simply decide what products and offerings you want to promote, and place a banner on your website or blog, or send a pre-written email to your contact list. After that, Rich Dad Education will do the rest of the work and you will collect a monthly check based on your audience’s responsiveness. Rich Dad will continue to work with you as you find out what products and offerings are most appealing to your audience.

For more information or to sign up for this exciting new program please click here.

Look for Win-Win Scenarios

Regardless of whether you sign up for the Rich Dad Education Affiliate Marketing program, you should strive to look for win-win scenarios in your daily business affairs. While there are some people that will stubbornly hold onto the belief that they can do it alone and that they can’t succeed if they are helping others succeed, you should look to escape this narrow viewpoint. Successful entrepreneurs are increasingly collaborating in networks and looking for situations where multiple parties can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented. This vantage point not only is profitable, it also makes the journey more worthwhile too.


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