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The Power of a Rich Dad Education Elite Mentor

Do you ever find yourself stalled despite your best efforts to become a successful investor?  Do you ever wonder why: lack of motivation, knowledge, or opportunity?  There’s a lot of money and freedom in investing, so I doubt it’s a lack of motivation.  There’s plenty of education available, so it’s not that. Everywhere you look you see opportunity.  So what is it?  Fear!  That fear causes our brains to unconsciously put up a defense to protect us from the things we fear most.  So often, we think, “If I could just learn this one more thing, I’ll be ready.”  So we learn it – we still don’t feel ready – and then we look for the next piece we need to learn.

Think of your brain as the operating system and techniques for investing as computer programs you are putting into that operating system.   Currently, your operating system is running a virus program to block anything that could cause you harm.  Even though you know consciously that these techniques are for your own good your virus protection unconsciously sees it as a foreign attack.

So how do we change the filter on that virus protection?  That’s where the master technician comes in: your mentor.  The real value of a Rich Dad Education Elite Mentor is that they help you understand the practical application of what you have learned, change your operating system, and apply the new techniques.  Having motivation, knowledge, and opportunity isn’t enough to be successful.  You need to have a mentor to push you out of your own way.

When I first became interested in investing in mobile homes, I had a terrible experience.  I had motivation, knowledge, opportunity, and a really, really uncooperative park manager, and above the park manager was a disinterested owner.  By the time I resolved the situation; many people would have given up on investing in mobile homes.  I loved the idea of a business in mobile homes and parks and the passive income it could provide for building wealth, but still for six months I was paralyzed with fear.  No matter how successful in or new to investing you are, there will always be sticking points.  We should all be continuously developing as investors.

Instead of giving up and staying away I had a Rich Dad Education Elite Mentor come to my local area to help me.  As the mentor worked with me, I gained confidence that I really did learn a lot about investing in mobile homes based on that bad experience.  Equally as important, I was also able to identify where my real weakness was.  I was terrified at the thought that my mentor was going to make me talk to a park manager.  When you have a fear your instinct is to flee, but that’s exactly what you need to work on.  I finally spoke up and said, “If we do nothing else, just help me talk to managers.”  That’s just what we did and as a result I met two wonderful park managers.  From one of those managers I was told about someone the park was about to evict and file for title.  I bought that home, rehabbed it, and sold it to a new homeowner with financing.  The manager also referred me to an excellent attorney who understands mobile homes and a reliable handyman who does wonderful and inexpensive work on mobile homes.  I now find that deals drop in my lap from my network and potential buyers are waiting in line to buy homes from me.

So that’s all I needed right!?!  WRONG!?!  You will always need mentors.  So many times I hear of people delaying to schedule their Rich Dad Education Elite Mentors because they want to wait until they have something going, but then they never seem to get it together.  Your Rich Dad Elite Mentor is the locksmith that can pick the lock on your success, why would you wait when you know the treasure that lies beyond?  When you are making money and growing your business you can always continue to be mentored.  I just asked another one of my mentors to spend a day working with me and as a result I am currently evaluating some specific mobile home parks for purchase.  THAT’S THE POWER OF A MENTOR!

Alecia St. Germain


4 responses to “The Power of a Rich Dad Education Elite Mentor

  1. Don February 20, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    The problem for me is where to start? You say there’s education “everywhere”. Where? Who has a program that’s step by step that doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars? I’ve been looking and checking out whatever is free for now while we’re still in debt. Do the courses apply to any country as well or should people be looking for country specific courses? I understand the fear concept but I know I can get past that once I find someone willing to take me through the steps to get there or a course where I can teach myself.

    • Rich Dad Education February 21, 2013 at 9:53 am

      Have you joined our Real Estate discussion board? The mentors chime in and answer questions. The board moderator answers questions and other students are willing to partner and help you get started. Different countries have different laws. However, talking to a seller is the same just about no matter where you area. They are motivated and need a solution. You are able to provide that solution for them. You want to start by calling sellers. Find sellers that are motivated. Read the article by Margie Cromwell on how to tell if a seller is motivated. If they are motivated, then you can get them to negotiate on price or on terms. At that point, you can find someone local to your area to walk you through the specifics of how to put the deal together. Typically, you will write an offer and then find a buyer or find the money. Where are you located?

  2. Walter February 21, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    How do I get in touch with a mentor?

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