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Information Overload

We live in a fascinating day and age. Never before in the history of mankind has the average individual had access to the level of information that is available today. The internet has literally transformed society and allowed information to freely flow at an unprecedented pace. The real challenge to the average information consumer now is not one of obtainment, but one of management and reliability.

If you put any key term or phrase into a search engine, you will get back hundreds – if not thousands – of responses. This process is very helpful when looking up a fact or simple definition. Want to know the names of all the presidents of the United States? Quickly obtained. Want to know who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad? Done. Want to know a key definition for a class you are studying for? It will only take a few seconds. The speed and ease at which these tasks are accomplished adds convenience and saves time in your life.

While information freely flows in cyberspace, one problem that many individuals run into is obtaining reliable information that is presented in such a way that it can be applied to better one’s life. This is particularly true in information regarding the building of wealth. Pick any phrase involving building wealth, making money, real estate, the stock market, or similar phrases and you will get back a plethora of links. As you start to wade through and stumble across information that catches your eye, there are two main problems that occur:

1) It is difficult to determine the reliability of the information you are reading. So much information on the internet today comes in the form of opinion without documented credibility to back up the claims made

2) Even when credible information is obtained, it is almost never written or presented in a complete manner that can truly take you from point A (beginning) to point B (success). There is no step by step methodology that can actually lead you to success. You may want to succeed but are not given the requisite plan and detail to allow you to do so.

Through years of experience, Rich Dad Education has refined its educational process so that students are not only taught by credible individuals who are successful in their fields, but also taught in a manner that allows the students of all levels of experience to learn and apply at their own pace. The process begins at the Rich Dad Education Free Workshop all the way through Rich Dad Education’s Elite Training. It is the goal at Rich Dad Education that every student who passes through its program is presented an education that puts them in a position to succeed.

With this spirit in mind, Rich Dad Education is pleased to announce a new series of blog articles aimed at helping students obtain reliable information in their chosen field. Articles on real estate, stock market trading, and entrepreneurial activities will appear in the coming weeks and months with one objective in mind: to give Rich Dad students the information they need to succeed.

Here are just a few of the upcoming topics:

Real Estate Investing – Single Family Homes
Real Estate Investing – Commercial Real Estate
Real Estate Investing – Tax Liens and Deeds
Market Trading – Short Term Trading
Market Trading – Trading for the Part-Time Trader
Entrepreneurship – A Beginner’s Guide
Government Grants

Each series of articles will be presented in a step-by-step format and build upon one another so check back often as content will be updated regularly. When each series is complete, it will effectively be a Rich Dad Education how-to manual on the subject.


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