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Becoming a Superhero

As Halloween approaches, children of all ages start to contemplate what costume they want to wear. The most mischievous children start to plan out what tricks they will bestow on those who are not kind enough to grant them a treat. Popular culture always plays a strong role in helping determine what costumes are popular. This year you will most likely see Harry Potter, Angry Birds, Twilight and Hunger Games characters, as well as zombies and pirates all roaming the streets Halloween night. For those who want further evidence of the demise of Western culture, Honey Boo Boo costumes can be found on most popular 2012 costume lists.

Another popular costume category this year, as it is every year, is the superhero. The most popular superhero may vary from year to year, but superheroes always rank extremely high. This year you will see characters from The Avengers, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman patrolling the streets in search of truth, justice, and the occasional candy bar.

The fact that our children (and even adults at costume parties) want to dress as superheroes does not come as a surprise to any of us. Superheroes have amazing abilities, fight for what is right, and overcome all odds despite whatever adversity they may face. When children see these traits on the big screen, dreams of emulating the superhero they idolize race through their minds. Worlds are conjured in their head where they become a superhero or are fighting side-by-side with a superhero.

Embracing our Inner Superhero

Somewhere on the journey to adulthood, far too many lose their childlike imaginations as they get caught up in the daily grind of life. Childhood dreams get replaced with trying to make ends meet and getting through the workday. The idealism of youth gets replaced with a cynical view of the world and one’s place in it. The adventures that children imagined they would have one day get replaced with television, video games, and fantasy football (this writer is guilty of spending far too much time on all of the above).

It is never too late in life to embrace the superhero in each of us. There are certain characteristics that superheroes have that each of us should emulate in our everyday lives. By incorporating these qualities, not only will we become more like the individual we imagined we would grow to be as a child, but we are more likely to succeed in our business ventures as well.

Characteristics of a Superhero

A superhero is honest and their word is trusted. When a superhero says they are going to do something, there is never a question whether they are lying or will not follow through on their word. A person’s word is an undervalued commodity in today’s litigious society, but it can still have a tremendous impact in your personal dealings. If you become the sort of person who easily earns trust from others, then don’t be surprised when they want to do business with you again and again.

A superhero treats others with respect and dignity. Except for the occasional cheesy line directed at their archenemy, a superhero treats others with respect. A superhero is never one to belittle, trash talk, or demean others to their face or behind their back. It is inevitable that we will do business with personalities that we do not like and be put in situations where we have to say no or turn down offers. By respecting everyone you work with, you may be opening up new doors and possibilities that you did not know existed.

A superhero has a noble goal. In Rich Dad Education, our goal is to escape the rat race through real estate and other entrepreneurial activities. What we want to do after we escape the rat race is extremely varied as each of us has different motivations, desires, and goals. Wealth and passive income can be a means to numerous different activities and if you sit down and create a macro goal that is noble in nature, you may find the motivation that might have been otherwise missing.

A superhero is relentless and determined. When we picture a superhero, we do not conjure up images of them lackadaisically doing any activity. They are a constant ball of motion endlessly grinding to accomplish the task at hand. They never do the bare minimum and are always striving to achieve everything they set out to do. A superhero never says, “I don’t feel like doing that today, I’ll do it tomorrow.” A superhero never shirks responsibility and does not rest until what they have set out to do is done. Imagine what you could accomplish in life if you approached each task at hand with a superhero mindset!

A superhero faces adversity head on. A superhero could not be a superhero without adversity. On the screen this often appears in the form of an archenemy who is constantly attempting to thwart the superhero’s every move. While you may not have an arch enemy specifically, it is very likely that you deal with adversity of some type as you strive to escape the rat race. If a superhero could not deal with adversity they would not be a superhero. If you do not deal with the adversity facing you, then it is extremely unlikely that you will achieve what you want to achieve in life. Whatever your adversity is, embrace it and face it head on. Do not let fear and frustration stop you from becoming the person you are capable of being.

Incorporating the traits of a superhero can elevate you to levels few individuals truly reach in life. If you are successful, then by the nature of it you will incorporate another characteristic of superheroes, becoming a role model for others.  It is also likely that by incorporating these traits you will escape the rat race and achieve whatever you and your new superpowers want to do in life.


5 responses to “Becoming a Superhero

  1. Remrie Arrie October 27, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Micheal Woo of Longfin Investments, who won the 2010 Rich Dad hall of fame award always talks about being a “Financial Superhero” in order to be able to change the lives of tens of thousands of others for the better.

    My childhood hero has always been Goku from Dragon Ball Z, He is a lot more nonchalant than Batman or Superman. He would rather spend his time eating, sleeping, and sparing with other martial arts. While fighting comes naturally to him because he is descended from a warrior race of aliens, self control does not. It took a severe blow to the head (he was dropped off a cliff and landed on his head) to bring him to his senses. You might say he hit rock bottom a bit more literally than any of us. And in spite of being a bit daft, and comically stupid about math and other topics taught in school, when push comes to shove, nobody can beat him; not even Superman.

    In spite of all that, he is a kind and gentle family man, with a wife and two sons, and eventually two grand kids. He is surrounded by all of his friends and family none of which he shares any blood relationship with except his children and grand kids. Goku’s home planet was blown up by an intergalactic dictator killing his entire species except the last 4, out of which two of them also die, and the 3rd is the prince of the entire race who wants to kill Goku; there’s some family drama for you…. CapitalOne – WHAT’S IN YOUR DRAMA?!

  2. John October 28, 2012 at 3:24 am

    Love this article

  3. Rich October 28, 2012 at 11:51 am

    I totally agree with this passage!!! Very well said. Let’s get back to being a superhero!!!!

  4. daniel October 29, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    invite to one of your seminars

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