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Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur – #13

I Will Remain Conscious That My Faith Equals My Follow-Through

There are probably hundreds of times I have made a decision and then doubted it, changed my mind, or blamed someone else for my lack of commitment. The underlying reason people tend to revert back to what they are used to doing is a lack of trust in themselves. That old tape begins running every time we step out of our comfort zone. Fear causes me to make excuses go back to “where it’s safe.”

One of the ways we justify this behavior is by questioning the decisions we have made. Sometimes I think; “If I do this, and it doesn’t work, it will ruin me.” My willingness to change these internal mental programs will enable me to realize that my commitment to the project is what carries it through.

All that stands between me and wealth is the knowledge and the commitment to build it. Tasks are only hard when I don’t know how to perform them. The laws of becoming an entrepreneur will allow me to create financial abundance without working myself to death. Entrepreneurship is a learned skill, not reserved for the elite few.

By Gregory Downing, Author Entrepreneur Unleashed
Rich Dad Trainer


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