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Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur – #12

I Will Remain Aware that I Am 100% Responsible, 100% of the Time, for the Results in My Life

I know, at least on an intellectual level, that no one is going to build wealth for me; if I truly want to become financially free, I have to create my life and set things up to make my dream come true.

The truth is that I am 100% responsible 100% of the time for the results in my life. I commit to becoming more consciously aware that I am the only one who can create a life of financial abundance and generational legacy.

Every morning from today forward, I will make a commitment to do one small thing that moves me one step closer to financial independence and freedom. It might be a fresh approach to an old problem, it may involve my stepping out of my comfort zone, but from today onward, I will devote a portion of every single day to my future and to my goals. Life has a way of kicking in—there are bills to pay, problems to solve, and circumstances that need attention. I will not allow these things to stop me, because today, and every day, I will make the time to move toward the life of my dreams!

By Gregory Downing, Author Entrepreneur Unleashed
Rich Dad Trainer


One response to “Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur – #12

  1. Fedor August 17, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Excelente Declaración

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