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Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur – 11

AGREEMENT # 11 OF 50 by Gregory Downing
Ok just to warn everyone this is a tough one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Will Always Give My 100%, 100% of the Time!

The essence of this agreement revolves around my knowledge that life has, at times, been an emotional roller coaster ride. Sometimes I have felt as if I was giving life 110%, while on other days, I have felt as if I could only give 90%. Instead, it is possible to give my all every day of my life. I only have 100% and I can never give more than that. Sometimes this emotional roller coaster ride is a result of my getting excited about the next big thing and going full-steam ahead, but not having a formulated plan with systems, team, knowledge, or a mentor to help me execute the plan.

Life does not have to be chaotic. Instead, if I begin each day with a reaffirmation of my vision and desire for the future, I will feel more encouraged and have more energy to keep the commitments I have made to myself. Each morning I will remind myself that I am the foundation of my wealth and the creator of my future. I will soon become more confident, and that confidence will fuel my ability to give my 100%, 100% of the time.

By Gregory Downing, Author Entrepreneur Unleashed
Rich Dad Trainer


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