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Students’ Comments from Rich Dad Event

WOW…..I’m not sure who got the most out of this past week end me or the students Arlington VA, YOU GUYS ROCK. Thanks to all who attended. Gregory Downing Rich Dad trainer
Dear Greg,
I thank you for these wonderful 3 days. But it was too short :=).
1/ You may use the below testimonial on your website. Sorry for my bad writing but it is from my heart. You may edit it if the grammar is not correct. ” I have wanted to start investing for more than 10 years but I had not done anything to get started. After “sitting” 3 hours in your class on Friday, I have decided to start a new life as an investor . These 3 hours have changed my life FOREVER. There is no turning back and failure is not an option. Thank you for empowering us during these 3 days to create the life that we have always dreamed of. Your friend and student, T. Simon”. . 2/ Can you send me the Action Plan?
Thanks, Touv

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