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OMG…..Can you say CHAAAAA….CHING!!!

For once in my life dad is speechless….LOL
My daughter’s ROUGH DRAFT of her Tropicana speech. Oh by the way she is 12.
               TITLE:                                                                                         CHA CHING

I have never understood the complexity of my father’s job until I saw it with my own two eyes. as a motivational speaker I thought all he did was run  around on stage telling his funny jokes (well some of them are funny) and  using key phrases that I hear on a daily bases like ooohhh yyyaaaaaaa,  we got this, and cha-ching.  Recently I had a chance to view my dad’s 3 day event and it was in new York city

After minutes of my dad’s presentation I quickly realized the importance of the information and the intensity of its delivery.  This was going to be a life changing event for everyone who attended.  We began in the morning talking about very complex topics like the state of our economy and although I didn’t understand everything.    I began to realize that some American families are dealing with  serious financial turmoil and our country is in an economic crisis…. when the class was asked to descried their emotions based on our current economic situation they used words like uncertain, fearful, hopeless, and one student even stated.. they felt ANGRY.  How many of you can identify with some of these emotions…… OHHHH YEAHHHH!!! With gas prices souring over 4$ a gallon and  65% of our college graduates moving back home after obtaining their education……..and I’m not talking about moving back to your home town  I mean there moving right  back into your house.     Something got to change!!!!!! I think we all could  agree the traditional system is broken and somebody has got to fix it.

The topic of the conversation quickly switched from the problem to solutions. my dad teaches people how to become entrepreneurs  and create multiple streams of income through investing strategies.   He emphasis the importance of mastering a minimum of 7 of these income streams.  Imagine a world where you wake up one day and have 7 paychecks a month coming in……. instead of one.  Wouldn’t life feel a lot safer and more secure for you and your family……..You bet it would…. Can you say CHAAAA CHING.


I realized by day three that my dad’s true message was to the parents in the room.  it’s going to take the next generation  to save this country and our economy. We don’t want you go to work for face book or yahoo we want you to become the creators. We don’t want you to become an employee for Microsoft we want you to become the next bill gates. We don’t want you to settle for the normal we want you to become the creators of your future…. Come on kids we got this. Together we can set in motion the change…. that will change the world.


By Kacey Downing 12

Author entrepreneur and Now Educator

3 responses to “OMG…..Can you say CHAAAAA….CHING!!!

  1. Dawn Pollard April 12, 2012 at 7:57 am

    AWSOME! So proud of you Kacey!

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