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Introduction to the Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

It has been an honor to serve as a Rich Dad trainer for the last nine years. Through financial education and Robert Kiyosaki’s concepts I have not only been able to achieve financial freedom but now I teach these principles to my children. Therefore I have written a unique set of agreements to assist you in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. I will post one here a week. Keep your eyes open for each agreement.


As I mention throughout Entrepreneur Unleashed, it took your lifetime, the culmination of every day since you were born, to embed your internal belief systems. You are the sum total of all you currently believe about how the world works, who you are, and your place within it. Universal Law of Being an Entrepreneur will allow you to collapse that timeframe and cut to the chase.

For that reason, I have written the following summaries of the laws in first person, and I encourage you to read and reread them to help you speed up the process and move toward financial freedom. By reading them to yourself (and out loud), you will begin the process of speaking to yourself and to others as if the programming has already changed. You will be acting as the creator of your life, and the agreements will not just be mine; they will become yours as well.

Remember, it’s never going to be any individual agreement that makes the difference in your life; it’s the sum total of all of the agreements and their interconnectedness that will have a dramatic impact on every area of your personal, spiritual, and financial life. You will change as a person and grow as a leader and family member when you begin to master these skills. Some of them may seem self-evident – but believe me, I have studied human behavior for many years, and there are very few people who put any of them into practice 100% of the time.

Take complete ownership of each agreement, because when you do, your life and your circumstances will begin to improve. That is when you can begin to take control of your financial future. You may have spent your last dollar to buy this book, or you may already be a millionaire; either way, this book and these agreements can bring prosperity into your life. No matter where you are today in terms of finances, these agreements are designed to take you to the next level. Enjoy the journey, knowing there are wonderful days of financial prosperity and family closeness coming your way!


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