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Universal Laws Of Becoming An Entrepreneur – #3

It has been an honor to serve as a Rich Dad trainer for the last nine years. Through financial education and Robert Kiyosaki’s concepts, I have not only been able to achieve financial freedom, but now I teach these principles to my children. Therefore I have written a unique set of agreements to assist you in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. I will post one here a week. Keep your eyes open for each agreement.


I Will Have a Written Plan for Every Business I Create

The small business owner begins a business for the purpose of earning a living and creating a feeling of safety and security. In today’s tough economic times, this often creates a false sense of security. In contrast, the entrepreneur has an entirely different motivation, and each business is chosen for the purpose of taking the endeavor to its highest level of success. In order to do this, the entrepreneur always formulates, creates, envisions, and writes a business plan that will guide him or her through the stages of creation and growth. I am committed to evaluating and writing down my plans for the future—and that applies to each business I create. I am committed to building my business streams of income safely, because when I am safe, I will be able to act quickly. Since I have evaluated what my competition, strengths, weaknesses, and expectations are, I know where I am headed and how I intend to get there.

The Universal Laws of Being an Entrepreneur are the backbone of my business plan. I will examine and include the principles I learn in order to ensure my business success. I understand that with these laws in place, my chances of succeeding are extremely high. I live by these laws of entrepreneurship. I know what it will take, I know the pathway to reach my goals, and I trust that my business plan will guide me along the way.


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